Sioux City Cosmopolitan Club
The mission of every Cosmo member is to contribute to community well-being
through charitable donations and volunteer service with special emphasis on supporting efforts to prevent and find a cure for diabetes.
Congratulations to our 2023 Cosmopolitan Club Award Winners Patrick J Hodgins winner Doug VanDerVoort, Rookie of the Year winner Meredith Treppa & our Cosmo of the Year 58 year Charter Member Jay Gelfand! 
The diversity of people with diabetes is vast. People of all ages, genders, races, and backgrounds can be affected by this disease. It is estimated that over 30 million people in the United States alone have diabetes, and that number is growing every year. Diabetes does not discriminate and can affect anyone regardless of their lifestyle or socio-economic status. It is important that member of the Cosmopolitan Club be aware of the diversity of people with diabetes, so that we can provide the best possible care and support for those affected.
When we become members of the Cosmopolitan Club we learn quickly about the diversity of peoples’ experience with diabetes. We learn that the differences between Type I and Type II diabetes.
With diversity in mind, I often marvel at the diversity of the Sioux City Cosmopolitan Club. Some of us have Type I diabetes. Some of us have Type II diabetes. Some of us are not afflicted with diabetes. Nearly all of us have relatives afflicted with diabetes.
I continue to be amazed by the diversity of our members. We are fortunate to have young professionals from Sioux City, as well as our three charter members from 1965: Jay, Nick, and Bob. Jay often jokes that he is so old that he was around when God said, “Let there be light” (Genesis 1:3). If this is true, then Jay is older than Methuselah, who lived to be 969 years old (Genesis 5:25-27).
I understand that the Cosmopolitan Club began as a men’s service organization. The Sioux City Cosmopolitan Club is composed of a majority of men. Let me be clear: we are blessed with several women who are key to the success of the club. Having men and women together in our club offers advantages. It allows us to have a diverse range of perspectives on how to best serve the club's mission. Having both genders involved helps us to create a more inclusive and welcoming atmosphere for members of the organization, which can help to form a sense of community and collaboration.
We have members who attend Protestant Christian churches and others who attend the Roman Catholic churches. We have members who attend the synagogue, Congregation Beth Shalom. We have at least one member who is an atheist.
We have Native Americans in our neighborhoods. They have been supportive of our mission to cure diabetes by participating in some of our fundraising events and have been speakers at some of our meetings. We continue to reach out to provide diabetes education and diagnostic services to all communities and invite any and all to join the club.
I am afflicted with Type II diabetes. I am an ordained Roman Catholic priest. I have so much enjoyed being in the Cosmopolitan Club. It is important to me that I assist with raising money for the mission of the Cosmopolitan Club to find a cure for diabetes. Yet, I had no idea how much I would benefit from the diversity of the membership of our club. For an hour each week I get to meet so many good people who have great hearts and are outstanding thinkers. I can spend a few hours each year working side-by-side with a diversity of great people working to end diabetes and care for those who are afflicted with diabetes.
Most of my life is taken up with the concerns of the mission of the Roman Catholic Church and their members who are in the boundaries of my parishes. The members of the Cosmopolitan Club have shared their knowledge, interests, concerns, joys and sorrows with me. We are often exchanging ideas and books.
I would hope that all members of the Cosmopolitan Club throughout the world would reach out to the many diverse members of your communities not only to find a cure for Type I and Type II diabetes, but to work with, learn from, and live a fulfilled life with the profoundly diverse community that is the Cosmopolitan Club.
Father Michael Erpelding
Sioux City Cosmopolitan Fire Truck
In 1965 the Sioux City Cosmopolitan Club was chartered, and through the years they have promoted the club with an antique fire truck. One of the earliest uses of the firetruck was to park at 4th and Pierce Streets where the club members would sell ice cream bars.
Through the years the main function of the firetruck was to be an attraction entered in local parades with members walking next to and riding in the firetruck. Throughout the years there have been at least three firetrucks. The club has spent much time and resources to keep the firetruck in working order. The present truck is a 1934 Ford. The firetruck is yellow, with the Cosmopolitan emblem emblazoned on it.
The Sioux City Cosmopolitan Club firetruck had been temporarily parked because it needed multiple repairs. Before it was parked the firetruck had trouble completing the parade routes. When the truck got good and warm or hot, it would limp rather than run. One club member suggested we ask the parade organizers to have the Stockman Towing Company be the entry in front of us, so they could hoist the firetruck on their towing rig if it decided to quit.
The club considered selling the firetruck, but decided to endeavor to invest in the old and beautiful motor vehicle. With the help of several mechanically-skilled members repairs were made. The engine and brakes were repaired. The wheels were repaired and powder-coated. New tubes were attained for the tires. An electric fuel pump was added.
Some of the members dressed up the firetruck for the Sioux City Holiday Lighted Parade. Those mechanically-skilled members rigged up holiday lights. Oh, did that truck glow as she moved along the route! Our current president, Joe Bousquet, was given some repair cash for using the firetruck as a decoration for another group’s gathering.
The firetruck is not available to respond to Iowa brush fires or spraying water on the top story of the Ho-Chunk Center in downtown Sioux City, but can be seen in front of the Sioux City Cosmopolitan Train Show in March. It is ready for area parades. The firetruck will be present as Cosmopolitan members from throughout North America gather for the Cosmopolitan International Convention in downtown Sioux City, Iowa, U.S.A.
The Sioux City Cosmopolitan Club has invested in a firetruck to promote our club. Also, the Sioux City Cosmopolitan Club has invested in the Sioux City community. But more importantly, the Sioux City Cosmopolitan Club is investing in the needs of those afflicted with diabetes. Our firetruck is a sign and symbol of who we are. The firetruck has needed assistance, a little help from its friends. The community living with diabetes needs a little assistance. May we find a cure for diabetes. May we continue to assist diabetics in need as we gather at the firetruck to ride (or maybe push) it to a cure.
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