Breakfast Meeting Thursday 7 AM!


The Horizon Family Restaurant

Last Week's attendance: 15

Sergeant says prepare to lose a dollar!


Our COD this week is Ruth Lebowich!  Ruth will be introducing Monique Scarlett.  Monique will be discussing her involvement with "Unity in the Community". 

Be there this Thursday at the 7 am meeting!


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Upcoming Events 

November 15th - Decorate the Fire Truck, 5:30 pm, 420 Daniels Lane, So Sioux City

November 21st - Holiday Lighted Parade 6:15 & Cosmo Pizza Party at Buffalo Alice 7:00, Bring a guest & a "Toys for Tots" toy!

December 6th - Boys & Girls Clubs of Siouxland Christmas Auction, Bob Roe's Point After, 5:30 Social & Dinner, 6:30 Auction begins

December 10th - Musketeers vs Sioux Falls, 6:05 in the Pflanz Zone section, Teddy Bear Toss Night! 

December 15th - Boys & Girls Clubs of Siouxland Christmas Auction, Corner Pocket, 5:30 Social & Dinner, 6:30 Auction begins

Buy a Cosmo Buddy Bear for "Toys for Tots" and the Hockey Game "Teddy Bear Toss" $10 each!

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7th - Randy Kramer
9th - Marjean Gordon (Richard)
13th - Holly Hilburn
15th - Nicole Wells
18th - Steve Palash (Ruth) 
9th - Steve & Jeanne Avery 49 years!
18th - Nicole & Rob Wells 5 years!
20th - Ruth Lebowich & Steve Palash 19 years!
Upcoming COD List
November 24th - No Meeting
December 1st - OPEN
December 8th - Todd Mc Cabe
December 15th - Gary Munson
December 22nd - Jeffrey Myers

Cosmo Membership Anniversaries:  

Paul Crandell 1 year!

Gary Munson 44 years!

Charter Members 57 years!

Bob Derflinger, Jay Gelfand & Nick Riser

Fun Factoid:

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