This week - 7 AM meeting at the Horizon Family Restaurant!

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Program this week:

Cari Kellen is our COD this week.  Cari will be introducing Lisa Lamberton from Partners for Patriots.  Lisa will be speaking about their organization and how they provide service dogs for disabled veterans!

Last Week's attendance: 18

Upcoming Club Events:

*May 28th @ noon, May 29th @ 7 AM, May 30th @ 6 PM - Awesome Biker Nights training at Mid-Step Services

*May 30th - Board Meeting, 5:30 (TBA)

*June 2nd - I-80 Cosmo Shrimp Feed, 3 - 7 PM, $20 each Shucks Legacy, 16901 Wright Plaza, Omaha

*June 6, 7 & 8 - Awesome Biker Nights, Historic 4th Street

*June 29th? - Mobile Testing Unit (TBA)

*July 12th - The 23rd Annual "Shoot for a Cure" Golf Fundraiser, Whispering Creek Golf Club, 11:30 lunch, 1:00 Golf          

*July 17th - 21st - 2019 International Convention will be held in Rosemont, IL

*August 30th - Sept. 1st - ArtSplash, Riverside Park

*September 23rd - CDC Cornbelt Federation Golf Fundraiser, Omaha

*March 7 & 8, 2020 - The 8th Annual Cosmo Train Show

Cosmo Birthdays:
May 15th - Pres. David Lindberg
May 20th - John Ward
May 25th - Dave Marx
Wedding Anniversaries:
May 26th - 35 Years, Matt & Liz Chilton
May 27th - 47 Years, Randy & Pam Kramer
Upcoming COD List:     
May 23rd - Garry Munson
May 30th - Noon Meeting at BA's, Scott Younie
June 6th - Nick Riser
June 13th - Doug VanDerVoort

May Cosmo Anniversaries:    

Cari Kellen 2 years!    Fr. Mike Erpelding 4 years!

Deb Cook 9 years!    John Koskovich 30 years!

Fun Factoid:

GAME HAS CHANGED - Pitcher Babe Ruth went 24-13 in 1917 with a 2.01 ERA over 326.3 innings and led the American League with 35 complete games.  101 years later in 2018, there were 42 complete games thrown by pitchers in MLB across all 30 teams (source: MLB).