Breakfast Meeting Thursday 7 AM!


The Horizon Family Restaurant

Next week we will meet at The Warrior Hotel

Last Week's attendance: 16

Sergeant says prepare to lose a dollar!



Our Cosmo of the Day (COD) is Mark Corbin.  Mark will be introducing Bob Holsinger with Toys for Tots!

Be there this Thursday at the 7 am meeting!

Next week we will meet at The Warrior Hotel!


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Upcoming Events

January 17th - 6:00 PM, SC Cosmo Board Meeting, Joe's home @ 26 Blackstone

January 20th - 7:00 AM, Warrior Hotel Tour and breakfast buffet

February 12th - Steins & Vines, SC Convention Center

March 12th & 13th - 10th Cosmo Train Show, Marriott Convention Center, SSC

July 8, 2022 - "Shoot for a Cure" Golf Fundraiser, 11 AM Registration & lunch, 1:00 Shotgun, 5:30 prizes, Whispering Creek Golf Club 

July 21st - 24th, 2022 - Cosmopolitan International Convention, The Warrior Hotel, Downtown Sioux City

September 9th - 11th, 2022 - 1st Annual Cosmo Diabetes Camp at Camp High Hopes!!

2012 Cosmos



Cosmo Birthdays:
1st - Paul Crandell
11th - Jay Gelfand
12th - Ashlye Curry
None listed
January/February COD List
20th - Ashlye Curry - Warrior Hotel Tour
27th - Pat Curry
3rd - Father Mike
10th - Jay Gelfand
2020 Steins & Vines

Cosmo Membership Anniversaries:  

Madisen Sherman 2 years!

Alex Corbin 2 years!

Bill Heinke 3 years!

Marty Holmes 25 years!

Matt Chilton 36 years!

Fun Factoid:

DUE IN APRIL Tesla founder Elon Musk claims that as a result of exercising stock options in 2021 that were awarded
to him in 2012, he will pay over $11 billion in federal income tax when he files his 2021 individual income tax return, the
largest federal income tax bill for any individual in US history.  Musk received 26.4 million non qualified stock options in
2012, allowing him to buy his company’s stock at $6.24 a share at any time before August 2022. Musk is the richest person in
the world, worth $263 billion as of 1/07/2022 (source: CNBC).