Upcoming 2020 Club Events:

*February 15th - Steins & Vines Fundraiser, 8 AM - 4 PM, Sioux City Convention Center

*March 7th - 8th - The 8th Annual Cosmo Train Show

*April 24th & 25th - Federation Convention & Board Meeting, Holiday Inn/Ameristar Casino, Council Bluffs

*July 10th - 24th Annual "Shoot for a Cure" Golf Fundraiser, Whispering Creek Golf Club, 11:30 Lunch, 1:00 Shotgun, 5:30 Steak Dinner

*July 23rd - 25th - International Convention, Bloomington, MN, TBA



05 February 2020 Meeting:

Mat Chilton led the meeting.
The fire truck is being repaired. It has been running and continues to need some repairs. We are in need of a place to store the fire truck in a building with a paved floor.
We reflected on the life of Curt Stoever. His funeral was January 24. He will be missed. We will have far fewer photographs available to us.
Rev. Marilyn Van Duffelen was our COD of the week.

Rev. Marilyn explained that she has had vision difficulty that has caused her to be absent for a few weeks.

Rev. Marilyn introduced Terry Medina, who spoke about his diabetes and the challenges of Native American, such as himself, who are afflicted with diabetes. He is a probation officer who works with offenders. He emphatically calls men to be good fathers. He recommended a movie entitled Courageous. It emphasized the importance of being a good father.


These are pictures of the Hope Center at Sunnybrook Church. We toured it last week. I could not get them downloaded two weeks ago. These were taken by Mat Chilton.