Breakfast Meeting Thursday 7 AM!

The Horizon Family Restaurant


No program this week

Last Week's attendance: 8

Upcoming Club Event

2021 Events

*Date TBA - Steins & Vines???

*March 12th & 13th - Cosmo Train Show

*July 9th - 25th Annual "Shoot For A Cure" Diabetes Golf Fundraiser

*July 22nd - 24th - Cosmopolitan International Convention, Hilton Garden Inn Downtown, Sioux Falls, SD


Cosmo Birthdays:
4th - Joe Bousquet
11th - Jay Gelfand
12th - Ashlye Curry

Cosmo Membership Anniversaries:  

 Madisen Sherman 1 year! Alex Corbin 1 year!

Bill Heinke 2 years! Marty Holmes 24 years!

Matt Chilton 35 years!

Fun Factoid:   

LIVING LONG - The life expectancy at birth of an American baby in 1971, i.e., 50 years ago, was 71.1 years. The life expectancy at birth of an American baby today is 78.7 years. Thus, life expectancy in the United States has increased 7.6 years over the last half century, i.e., American life expectancy at birth is increasing at the rate of 1 ½ years every decade (source: Center for Disease Control).