Breakfast Meeting Thursday 7 AM!

The Horizon Family Restaurant


No program this week

Last Week's attendance: 8

Upcoming Club Event

2021 Events

*March 12th & 13th - Cosmo Train Show

*Date TBA - Steins & Vines???

*July 9th - 25th Annual "Shoot For A Cure" Diabetes Golf Fundraiser

*July 22nd - 24th - Cosmopolitan International Convention, Hilton Garden Inn Downtown, Sioux Falls, SD


Cosmo Birthdays:
4th - Joe Bousquet
11th - Jay Gelfand
12th - Ashlye Curry

Cosmo Membership Anniversaries:  

 Madisen Sherman 1 year! Alex Corbin 1 year!

Bill Heinke 2 years! Marty Holmes 24 years!

Matt Chilton 35 years!

Fun Factoid:

    IN MY PAJAMAS, BUT STILL WORKING - 67% of 451 information technology (IT) executives in the United States that were polled in June 2020 anticipate that their firm’s “work-from-home” (WFH) policies would be permanent or at the very least “long-term” in duration (source: 451 Research).