Upcoming 2020 Club Events:

*July 16th - Cosmo Board Meeting, 5:30 PM, Matt Chilton's backyard, 2704 Castles Gate Drive, Whispering Creek

*September 28th - CDC Diabetes Golf Fundraiser, The Players Club at Deer Creek, Omaha 


2 July 2020 Meeting:

Mat Chilton led the meeting.
There is a board meeting 16 July 2020.
Mike Pottash passed a sign-up sheet for the golf outing for the event at Whispering Creek Golf Course.
There are 20 teams are signed up for the event.
There will be a registration table outside the club that will open at 11 am. There will be box lunches and no evening meal.
There was a discussion about where to have our meetings in this time of Covid-19 and the outside location at Peters Park will be the gathering spot on Thursday mornings.
Note: The secretary is trying to determine when and what to report. So he is humbly requests any guidance in this matter. He also is rusty using the website.