Breakfast Meeting Thursday 7 AM!


The Horizon Family Restaurant

Last Week's attendance: 12

Sergeant says prepare to lose a dollar!


Our COD this week is John Ward!  John will be introducing Ben Kopp.  Ben will be discussing his recent journey of being diagnosed with diabetes. 

Be there this Thursday at the 7 am meeting!


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Upcoming Events 

November 14th - World Diabetes Day Marathon Challenge, Tyson Event Center, 11 am - 1 pm

November 15th - Decorate the Fire Truck, 5:30 pm, 420 Daniels Lane, So Sioux City

November 21st - Holiday Lighted Parade 6:15 & Cosmo Pizza Party at Buffalo Alice 7:00, Bring a guest & a "Toys for Tots" toy!

December 6th - Boys & Girls Clubs of Siouxland Christmas Auction, Bob Roe's Point After, 5:30 Social & Dinner, 6:30 Auction begins

December 10th - Musketeers vs Sioux Falls, 6:05 in the Pflanz Zone section, Teddy Bear Toss Night! 

December 6th - Boys & Girls Clubs of Siouxland Christmas Auction, Corner Pocket, 5:30 Social & Dinner, 6:30 Auction begins

Buy a Cosmo Buddy Bear for "Toys for Tots" and the Hockey Game "Teddy Bear Toss" $10 each!

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7th - Randy Kramer
9th - Marjean Gordon (Richard)
13th - Holly Hilburn
15th - Nicole Wells
18th - Steve Palash (Ruth) 
9th - Steve & Jeanne Avery 49 years!
18th - Nicole & Rob Wells 5 years!
20th - Ruth Lebowich & Steve Palash 19 years!
Upcoming COD List
November 17th - Ruth Lebowich
November 24th - No Meeting
December 1st - Dave Marx
December 8th - Todd Mc Cabe
December 15th - Gary Munson

Cosmo Membership Anniversaries:  

Paul Crandell 1 year!

Gary Munson 44 years!

Charter Members 57 years!

Bob Derflinger, Jay Gelfand & Nick Riser

Fun Factoid:

Friends is a well-loved show that airs on many channels and is still branded on merchandise today. The cast still receives a percent of everything the show makes resulting in each of the main six cast members getting a check for around $20 million each year.  (SOURCE: