Sioux City Cosmopolitan Club
Minutes from Meeting 7/16/2020  
Members Present: Mat Chilton (Treasurer), Randy Kramer, John Koskovich, Fr. Michael Erpelding, John Ward, Mike Pottash
Treasurer Report:
Matt provided financial statement
Old Business:
Camp High Hopes will be contacted about a possible diabetes camp event. The club needs to have a significant financial investment to indicate we are serious.
The most needed firetruck repairs are complete thanks to Joe Bousquet. There are a few more repairs needed including a coating for the wheels to prevent corrosion. John Ward moved we pay for that service in the amount of $600. Randy seconded and it passed.
New Business:
Mat Chilton moved we again give a college scholarship to Abby Minton for her ongoing service at diabetes camp in the amount of $650. John Ward seconded and it was passed.
Respectfully submitted
Fr. Michael J. Erpelding