Sioux City Cosmopolitan Club
Minutes from Meeting 11-14-2019
Members Present: Dave Linberg, Pat Curry, Matt Chilton, John Koskovich, Randy Kramer
Old Business:
Matt reviewed delinquent members in regards to dues not paid. Unpaid members will be dropped at the end of the quarter.
Matt reviewed the financial report.
New Business:
Matt made a motion to buy a memorial brick for Judy Schmidt. John seconded this.
Randy made a motion to purchase a feather flag from the International.  Dave second this. John made a motion to purchase a three sided table cover. Pat seconded this.  Matt will order these
Pier Center for Autism: it was decided that the Cosmopolitan Club will do a community service project at the new building.
  In addition it was recommended that we donate $10,000 over 5 years to the Pier Center for Autism. A paper vote will take place with club members to determine if this is the desire of the club.
Dave presented a proposal to work with Spectra to provide labor at events. This will be discussed at the club meeting.
Meeting adjourned at 6:30
Respectfully submitted    Randy Kramer
Transcribed Grace Kavanaugh