No Meeting this week!

See you on January 9th

Steins & Vines Fundraiser, February 15th!
Open meeting on January 9th! 
Last Week's attendance: 16

Upcoming 2020 Club Events:

*February 1st - Federation Board Meeting, 9:00 - Noon, The Garden Cafe, Rockbrook Village, Omaha

*February 15th - Steins & Vines Fundraiser, 8 AM - 4 PM, Sioux City Convention Center

*February 27th - March 1st - Siouxland Home Show, Sioux City Convention Center

*March 7th - 8th - The 8th Annual Cosmo Train Show

*April 24th & 25th - Federation Convention & Board Meeting, Holiday Inn/Ameristar Casino, Council Bluffs

*July 10th - 24th Annual "Shoot for a Cure" Golf Fundraiser, Whispering Creek Golf Club, 11:30 Lunch, 1:00 Shotgun, 5:30 Steak Dinner

*July 23rd - 25th - International Convention, Bloomington, MN, TBA

Cosmos in our prayers...
Curt Stoever is home!  Keep him in your thoughts and prayers as he continues treatments.
Cosmo Birthdays:
January 4th - Joe Bousquet
January 9th - Curt Stoever
January 11th - Jay Gelfand
January 12th - Ashlye Curry
January 29th - Tom Chilton
Upcoming COD List:
January 2nd - New Years Break
January 9th - Open Meeting
January 16th - Curt Stoever
January 23rd - Nick Riser
January 30th - Marilyn Van Duffelen

Cosmo Anniversaries:    

Bill Heinke 1 year!

Marty Holmes 23 years!

Matt Chilton 34 years!

Fun Factoid:


17 of the last 19 presidential election years have produced a positive total return for the S&P 500 stock index. The only “down election years” dating back to 1944 were in 2000 and 2008.

(source: BTN Research).