Breakfast Meeting Thursday 7 AM!

The Horizon Family Restaurant

Last Week's attendance: 15

Sergeant Says wear your pin and nametag or else!


PROGRAM this Thursday!!

Cosmo of the Day (COD) Chris Jackson will be introducing either Gracey Nordquist or Ragen Cote from Downtown Partners.  They will be speaking about all of the happenings in the downtown area and what we are doing with SSMID to support the city.

Be there this Thursday at the 7 am meeting!

Upcoming Events

July 9th - 25th Annual "Shoot For A Cure" Diabetes Golf Fundraiser

July 16th - Opportunities Unlimited Golf Tourney, 12:30 Shotgun, Sioux City Country Club

July 22nd - 24th - Cosmopolitan International Convention, Hilton Garden Inn Downtown, Sioux Falls, SD

Cosmo Birthdays:
7th - Doug VanDerVoort
12th - Bob Derflinger (97)
15th - Mike Potash
17th - John Koskovich
31st - Matt Chilton
7th - Joe & April Bousquet, 20 years
28th - Richard & Marjean Gordon 48 years
July COD List
15th - Grace Kavanaugh - Freedom Park Program
22nd - John Koskovich
29th - Randy Kramer

Cosmo Membership Anniversaries:  

Chris Jackson 4 years!

Joe Bousquet 8 years! 

Fun Factoid:

  AT THE POOL - American cities do not have enough lifeguards to service pools nationwide, e.g., Austin, TX is short 80% of its 750-lifeguard goal for the summer of 2021. The pandemic shutdown put a freeze on training and certification programs required for lifeguards (source: American Lifeguard Association).