Breakfast Meeting Thursday 7 AM!

The Horizon Family Restaurant


"Cosmo Train Show" this weekend!!

Call John Koskovich to sign-up @ 898-6935

Last Week's attendance: 10

Upcoming Club Events

*March 13th & 14th - Cosmo Train Show

*Date TBA - Steins & Vines???

*July 9th - 25th Annual "Shoot For A Cure" Diabetes Golf Fundraiser

*July 22nd - 24th - Cosmopolitan International Convention, Hilton Garden Inn Downtown, Sioux Falls, SD

Cosmo Birthdays:
4th - Bill Heinke
9th - Kristi Ward
17th - Alex Corbin
18th - Liz Chilton
24th - Scott Younie
25th - Jeff Myers
28th - Barb Koskovich
Cosmo Train Show

Cosmo Membership Anniversaries:  

 Nicole Wells 6 years!

Scott Younie 38 years!

Richard Gordon 45 years!

Fun Factoid:

  OLD GUY - American marathon runner Abdi Abdirahman will become the oldest man or woman (at age 44) ever to represent the USA in the Olympics as a competitor in any running event when he races in Japan on 8/08/21. Abdirahman competed in his first Olympics 21 years ago (in 2000) at the Sydney Games (source: USA Olympics).