This Thursday's Noon Social - Buffalo Alice Restaurant

INVITE A GUEST - $8 buffet  712-244-3516

Noon Social Buffet at BA's - Invite a guest and the Sergeant will buy the guest's buffet! 
Last Week's attendance: 19

Upcoming Club Events:

*July 25th - Board Meeting, 5:30 @ BA's

*August 8th - Explorer's Tailgate with Campers

*August 30th - Sept. 1st - ArtSplash, Riverside Park

*September 23rd - CDC Cornbelt Federation Golf Fundraiser, Omaha

*November 25th - Downtown Lighted Holiday Parade and Sergeant's Pizza Party @ BA's

*March 7 & 8, 2020 - The 8th Annual Cosmo Train Show

Cosmo Birthdays:
July 7th - Doug VanDerVoort
July 12th - Bob Derflinger
July 15th - Mike Potash
July 17th - John Koskovich
July 31st - Matt Chilton
Upcoming COD List:     
August 1st - Pat Curry
August 8th - Marcy Kimble
August 15th - Joe Bousquet

July Cosmo Anniversaries:    

Chris Jackson 2 years!    Joe Bousquet 6 years!

Curt Stoever 49 years!

Dues are due!  $120 or $95 for retired members.  Send to Matt at: 2704 Castles Gate Dr., SC 51106

Fun Factoid:

DOMINANT - Over a 2-month stretch between 6/02/68 and 7/30/68, St. Louis Cardinal pitcher Bob Gibson started 12 games, pitched 12 complete games, and won all 12 games (source: Major League Baseball).