Sioux City Cosmopolitan Club
Minutes from Meeting 3/5/2020  
Members Present: Dave Lindberg (President), Mat Chilton (Treasurer), Rand Kramer, Jay Gelfand, Pat Curry, John Koskovich, Grace Kavanaugh
Treasurer Report:
Matt provided financial statement see attached: Dues for last quarter are due.  Everyone is paid at this point.
We need 2 new members plus 1 to receive Cosmopolitan award.
Awesome Bikers night is assumed cancelled, as no one has been notified of any date. Also, the Train Show cancelled as conflict of date. We need more sponsors for the Golf Meet to help the finances.
Five more have applied for assistance with camp 3 from one family in Akron, Ia. They are doing some type of fund raising but are asking assistance.
After discussion on how to handle the increase as we have 15 already signed up, John moved to cap assistance at 20 or dollar equivalent for diabetes campers due to the cancellation of the train show in 2020. Randy second the motion and the measure was passed with all voting yes.
Outstanding bills:
   Sharp containers: $1368.00
  Storage of Fire Truck: $579.00 and Liability $ 400.00
New Business:
John stated that he had been talking with his son regarding storage of the Fire Truck. He is able to offer the club a cost of $69.55/month for storage. There is a concrete floor and it is secure 24/7. There is room for train supplies and Cosmopolitan signage.
Jay moved that we accept this offer, Dave second and it was carried with all voting yes.
Awards Banquet was discussed regarding the number that attended and our present finances.
Randy moved that we cancel it this year and give out awards at the meeting March 12, 2020. John seconded the motion and all voted yes.
Randy made a motion to pass the hat to raise money to buy a brick in Curt Stover name. John second this and all voted yes.
Fund Raising:
Matt suggested that we look into having a Sioux City Beacon Fund. More discussion will follow>
Jay suggested that we host a Waffle or Pancake breakfast. John will get more information on this.
Pat stated that the Cosmos will do planting for the Pier Center for Autism but may not be able to provide money.
Matt reminded individuals of the St. Pat’s Parade on March 17, 2020.
Meeting adjourned at 6:30
Respectfully submitted
Grace Kavanaugh