9 September 2019
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Upcoming Club Events:


*September 23rd - CDC Cornbelt Federation Golf Fundraiser, Omaha

*October 11th - Homeless to Home, SCCC, 6 - 10 PM

*November 25th - Downtown Lighted Holiday Parade and Sergeant's Pizza Party @ BA's

*March 7 & 8, 2020 - The 8th Annual Cosmo Train Show


5 September 2019 Meeting:

Keith Hawkins was our COD.  Keith introduced Graham McGaffin with the Nature Conservancy of Iowa.  Graham talked about his position as Director of Conservation and Loess Hills programs. The prairie between Briar Cliff and Talbot Road is the largest urban prairie in the U.S. He spoke about how buffalo are helpful to maintain the Loess Hills environment.


Mat reminded us that on November 25 we will participate in the Lighted Parade. Members can contribute to Toys for Tots that night and we will have a pizza party following the parade.

Mat said there are tickets to the Homeless to Home program on October 11. Contact him if you are interested. Our club purchased a table for the fundraiser to assist the homeless.

Mike thanked everyone for helping with parking at Art Splash. He presented a check to the club from Art Splash.

Pat reminded us that we all need to help out with speakers and programs and he is thankful for all your assistance.





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